Pre-Digital Era Image Recording Devices

taken at a cannes flea market in 1993
Oympus OM1, Illford XP2

There is something of beauty in earlier cameras. Everything about them just seems so less mass produced. I am no Luddite, but when looking at these devices it makes we want to pick one up and run a roll or two of film through it. I am planning a return trip to East London next month and I think I’ll load up my Nikon F50 (yes, not as old as these cameras by a long stretch, but nowadays anything that uses film seems like an anachronism in this digital day and age). Of course, I won’t forget to take along the digital goodies as well (so convenient).

© 2011. Image copyright Grahame Hall and may not be used without the written permission of the copyright owner. Please respect the rights of others.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Digital Era Image Recording Devices”

    1. Hi Derek. Yep, I’ve had this blog going for some time now but at first I hardly posted anything. I used to send stuff here straight from my Flickr account, but one day I asked myself “what’s the point of posting exactly the same pics in both places?” So recently I started posting other pics directly to WordPress, and putting in more than one pic per post and trying to tell more of a story if the subject matter warrants it. I also have a tumblr page and, a few days ago, started poking around 500px. Sometimes I look at stuff and sign up just to see what’s it’s all about. Thanks for the visit, the comment and the bookmark. We really must meet up in the “real” world sometime soon.

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