Not much chance for photography this week-end with a busy Saturday shopping for a birthday present for a good friend of 33 years standing who turned 60 on Saturday, and writing a short speech to deliver for the occasion. We ended up not doing speeches as the venue just didn’t suit it. Ah well,maybe I’ll keep it for his 70th! Anyway, only took the wife’s little Canon PowerShot A460 along for the party because I think small p+s camera’s are perfect for social events like parties. Most of the pics I took on the night fall into the “happy-snaps” category and not very interesting except maybe to the folks who were there. But I turned off the flash for this one of hands lighting the candles and was quite pleased with the result.

lighting candles on a cake for a 60th birthday celebration
So many candles, so little space...

A few seconds later I snapped the shot below, which I think has a nice party feel to it.

lighting candles on a 60th birthday cake
I thought the little Canon A460 performed admirably under the circumstances.

Needless to say a fun time was had by all.

‘Til next time…

© 2011. All images copyright Grahame Hall and may not be used without the written permission of the copyright owner. Please respect the rights of others.


3 thoughts on “CELEBRATIONS”

  1. Great candle light shots Grahame :-))) Wonderful atmosphere and love the hands trying to light the candles. You find our just how wee birthday candles are when you are trying to light 60 of them and still sing Happy Birthday before they are all melted! haha :-)))) Glad you had a wonderful time and pocket that speech – I am sure it was a goodie!

  2. hmmm, I like those photos too! I have an olympus digital point & click and use this for all my photos. mostly they come out well….of course the late afternoon/early evening/evening photos are usually slightly blurred, but usable. and it works quite well without a flash. love the post, and happy 60th to your friend. hope you manage to use the speech for his 70th! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Cindy. Try supporting the little Olympus on something handy when taking low light pics and I’m sure you’ll find the blur disappears. You can also try using the delayed (self timer) shutter option so that the camera isn’t moving when the shutter opens. Will pass on your good wishes to my friend.

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