Sometimes when I don’t get an opportunity to head out for new pictures, I like to go through old disks and files to see what I’ve got from other trips and shoots. Which is just what I was doing when I came across these from a trip Knysna in 2006/7. I have previously posted shots from this trip which you can see here and here.

Apart from the memories they bring back, sometimes looking at pictures you’ve taken some time back helps you see them through the perspective of distance and time, almost through new eyes, as it were. You’ll look at some and think “what on Earth possessed me to take that picture!?”, or maybe you’ll think some are worth a second look.

Knysna is situated around a beautiful estuary, called Knysna Lagoon, in an area of South Africa known as the Garden Route, which stretches along southern coastline of the country. Separating the lagoon from the Indian Ocean are two massive rock outcrops called the Knysna Heads. The shot below looks to the lagoon from the top of the Eastern Head. (Click on images for larger views.)

a view of knysna lagoon from the top of the eastern head
Knysna Lagoon from the top of the Eastern Head

The route between the Heads can be quite treacherous and difficult as many an intrepid, or foolhardy, seafarer can attest.

returning to knysna logoon after a day on the open water
A small fishing boat returns to Knysna Lagoon between the Heads.

Once a port used by much larger vessels carrying timber from the forests surrounding the town to world markets, today only smaller craft such as houseboats, fishing boats, yachts, speedboats and such-like are to be seen in Knysna’s little harbour.

jetty and small craft in knysna harbour
Knysna Harbour

Our friends own a home on the Western Head, at the top of a very steep hill. From the front lawn one gets uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean. There’s a path leading down to the small beach you see in the bottom right of the picture below.

Indian Ocean from the Western Head

And, of course, what good is a beach without a dog to enjoy it.

dog frolics on beach knysna

dog on beach knysna
Ah, what bliss.

I’ll be dusting off a few more cobwebs from this trip in a day or so.

indian ocean breakers breaking against rocks knysna
A view from beach level

And what a beautiful way to end the day. Until next time… 🙂

the golden glow of sunset knysna

© 2011. All images copyright Grahame Hall and may not be used without the written permission of the copyright owner. Please respect the rights of others.



  1. Hi Grahame – I run a free community newspaper in the Knysna Area called The EDGE – we are currently running a story on the knysna estuary – may i use your picture (the top one) – obviously giving credit to yourself?

  2. I found that things had changed there so very much when I stopped by there in July, it was still a very relaxing breakaway though 🙂 Your pictures do glamourise it somewhat – because I would have moved there if the lagoon had been that Caribbean looking!!

    1. As for the “Caribbean” look, I think a lot depends on the time of day one is there and, obviously, the weather conditions. On the day I took this pic the sky was clear blue with not a single cloud in sight, and so a lot of that would be reflected in the water. I assure you, it can get very blue in this part of the world – maybe you should consider the move. 🙂 Love your post about the honeymoon and enjoy your lighthouse painting, too.

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