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kalahari sunset with moon
Kalahari sunset with moon

This was my first trip to this dry and desolate area of South Africa and I certainly hope it won’t be my last. The people of the Kalahari do not waste words, and in that spirit I’m not going to make this post too wordy, adding descriptions or observations only as necessary, although one incident stands out; on first arriving at what we thought should be the camp we were to stay at, we got out our car to investigate. About 30 seconds later I almost stepped on a puff adder. Puff adders are deadly venomous snakes , which, despite their sluggish appearance, can strike with lightening speed. Fortunately they give a warning hiss before striking. At probably two feet or less away, I was within easy striking distance and the sound of that hiss, not to mention the sight of the snake reared up with mouth agape and  fangs bared, will stay in my memory for a long, long time to come. Unfortunately, with my heart beating somewhat more rapidly than usual, and after moving a bit further away to a relatively safe distance with some alacrity, I did not have the presence of mind to snap a quick shot.  The rest of the trip passed without major incident and, sitting here at my desk in Johannesburg, I find it hard to take my mind away from this truly special place.

campfire in the kalahari
First things first…get the fire going. But what lurks in the darkness?

We arrived in the dark and only got our first good look at the camp, our home for the next few days, at sunrise the next morning.

a bush camp in the kalahari
Home sweet home for a few days.
kalahari bush camp in early morning light
Camp perimeter.
tea and sunrise in the kalahari
Tea and sunrise.
a bush camp in the kalahari
The camp in context
kalahari sunrise
The bush awakens.

kalahari campfire

tree and bird nest in kalahari
A tree with a massive communal bird nest a few metres from the camp.
bird nest in kalahari tree
Could make a lot of soup from this.

In the next post we’ll venture a little further afield and take in some of the sights one encounters in this part of the world. Until then… 🙂

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