224 hotel pretoria
The Hotel 224, Pretoria.

A short walk from the Union Buildings is the Hotel 224, where we headed for the next photo session – sunset over Pretoria. The 15th floor conference centre, kindly opened for us by the hotel’s understanding management, proved to be an ideal vantage point for the spectacle. And spectacle it turned out to be, with just the right amount of cloud about to add interest to the sky without blotting out the sun.

Hotel 224 pretoria

looking west across pretoria flats and suburbs
Looking west
loftus versveld rugby stadium
Loftus Versveld stadium, home to the famous Blue Bulls rugby team.
flats apartments in pretoria
Arcadia, somewhat inappropriately named perhaps, is Pretoria’s main high-density living district.

sunset pretoria cbd

sunset with bird pretoria cbd

sunset over pretoria

sunset over pretoria

sunset over pretoria

“Thanks” to Hotel 224 for opening your facilities to us, and thanks to Pretoria Stadstappers Fotoklap for organising a great photowalk. In the next post we’ll venture in Johannesburg’s inner city and a couple of special buildings. Until then… 🙂

© 2011. All images copyright Grahame Hall and may not be used without written permission of the copyright owner. Please respect the rights of others.


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