A few posts ago I wrote about the nonsense of “leaked” info regarding soon-to-be-released camera equipment. Now it seems even the venerable Leica brand is attempting to generate some publicity by “leaking” info and pics. As I said before, if the info comes from the PR department it is not “leaked”, it’s “released”. Leaking info is what Wikileaks did – they obtained sensitive, confidential information and “leaked” it to anyone who visited their website.

Think of it like this this; a watering can is supposed to hold water until it is tilted and water can escape via the spout. But if there’s a hole in the can water will begin to make its egress via that hole even though the gardener doesn’t want it to. The water that leaves the can via the hole is leaked. It’s really supposed to stay in the can until the gardener “releases” it by tilting the can and allowing the water to leave via the spout.

In the realm of camera equipment, or any other products for that matter, truly “leaked” information would garner accusations of underhanded industrial espionage and murmurs of corporate skulduggery. Court orders and injunctions would be sought to prevent the spread of secret, proprietary information. Investigations would be launched to ferret out the source of the leak and punish the guilty to the full extent of the law. In short, there’s be one helluva hullabaloo. In the light of all that, do you really believe the Leica Mini M news and pics were “leaked”?

For me, that story just doesn’t hold any water. leicaleak


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