For those of you who just can’t get enough of these gorgeous beasts, here are a few more retro camera ads to get you salivating.

pentax mx me 35mm slr camera ad
Pentax taking a swipe at Olympus, who had for years held the high ground on the “small” platform, as the ad below suggests.
olympus om1 camera ad
A very stylish ad from Olympus, but not much substance. Camera advertising, for the most part, is pretty terrible.  It’s as though camera makers really do not know what camera users want.
nikon f3 image advertisement
Does this ad appeal to the quality of the printed / projected image , or the image a photographer creates for himself when he is out on assignment? It could go either way with this punny headline.
minolta 35mm slr camera ad art machine
Just what the heck is “The Art Machine” supposed to mean? Maybe it’s explained in the body copy, but who wants to read all that tightly-spaced drivel. The first maxim for effective advertising is: You Are Not Your Customer. Remember that one point, peeps, and your own advertising will improve by leaps and bounds overnight.
leica 35m rangefinder
The thing about SLR cameras that’s so appealing is their almost infinite ability to adapt to the precise requirements of different types of photographer.  Rangefinders on the other hand, for all their advantages of compactness and lightness – and once the go-to cameras for photojournalists who didn’t want to lug around big, bulky, slow large or medium format cameras –  just weren’t quite as adaptable. Eventually, 35mm SLRs became almost the only cameras used by photojournalists, news photographers. fashion photographers, and wildlife photographers. Except for “personal work” – work not not produced for commercial or monetary consideration – where many photographers remained loyal to Leica rangefinder cameras. In this ad, Leica fires a salvo at the SLR by making the claim, quite correctly, too, that the Leica rangefinder was also a true system camera. And the product shot in this ad was is by none other than the great Jeanloup Sieff.
canon t70 camera ad
Perhaps prescient to future developments, Canon announces the “Image Processor”.
contax rts 35mm slr print ad in national geographic
While it may have been rare to encounter something truly unusual in the 80s, we unfortunately encountered terrible camera advertising all too often. And this for the Contax RTS is no exception.
pentax es electronic shutter amera ad
Pentax announces the arrival of the world’s first auto electronic shutter.

eastman kodak you press the button we do the restGeorge Eastman knew a thing or two about innovation…and advertising.



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