Those of you who’ve scrolled down a few posts will have read a couple of entries about info that is “leaked” online. As you know, I enjoy pointing out that the “leaked” info is more likely “released” info from the PRO department of whichever company is doing the leaking.

I hadn’t intended to say any more about this type of media hype as I think I’ve said enough on the topic already. But then this irresistible little gem popped up in my Twitter feed:

cc tweet 02

The tweet doesn’t use the word “leaked” but it is implied. In any case the Time article itself goes the whole bucketful with the “leak” angle. The hullabaloo surrounding this latest “leak” even made it onto CNN.

Is there any condemnation from the acclaimed supermodel herself? Not even a whisper. Nor is there any condemnation from anyone else for that matter. No apology from the publication. No harsh words for, or from, the photographer or any of his helpers. All the feedback is rather polite and positive, really.

Of course, that “the leak” is perfectly timed to tie in with the launch of Ms Crawford’s upcoming documentary, Hospital in the Sky, must be pure coincidence. Surely it would be mean to suggest anything else?

Nevertheless, “hat’s off!” to Cindy’s people for a valiant effort.

You can read the full story and see the “leaked” photograph if you’d kindly step this way.

My other posts about fictitious leaks can be found here, here, here, and here.

Obviously, I’m on Twitter, too.


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