a high fence at the johannesburg archery club zoo lake.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

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27 boxes shopping centre fence
A fence outside the 27 Boxes shopping complex in Melville, Johannesburg.
palisade fence on melville koppies municipal nature reserve
In Johannesburg, “don’t fence me in” is not an option.

“Boundaries” is, of course, a wide open topic. Almost anything can be used to represent a boundary of one sort or another.

In Johannesburg, with it’s high crime rate, we are very used to seeing boundaries. Almost everyone has some sort of security fencing or a high wall around their property, armed security guards patrol many shopping precincts and malls, and you have to go through security checkpoints at most office parks and buildings, factories, and places of work.

Most people have either been the victim of a crime, or have a close relative or friend who has. I, myself, have had a car taken from me at gunpoint.

Despite all this, we Jo’burgers remain a generally optimistic bunch of people. We put in place the measures we can and get on with our lives.

I shot both of these pics while out and about on Scott Kelby’s Worlwide Photowalk 2015, in the company of Joburg Photowalkers, who I have blogged about before.

We began early, about 5 a.m., to catch the sunrise views of Johannesburg city from Melville Koppies Municipal Nature Reserve (which is where both these pictures were taken). At about 7:30 we met with other Joburg Photwalkers (who didn’t want to make the dawn patrol start), at 27 Boxes in Melville proper. 27 Boxes is just a few yards from my home so this year’s walk was very convenient for me!

The photo below was taken during a photowalk with the good people of Fujifilm South Africa (who supplied us with X-Series cameras to try) and Kameraz, a Johannesburg photographic retail store.

Of course, the zoo provides a boundary between humans and wild animals so the animals can be viewed safely. Usually, though, the humans are on the other side of the fence, so I was somewhat bemused to find this fellow inside the cage.

johannesburg zoo worker cleans cage
A worker cleaning a cage at Johannesburg Zoo.

Update: I keep finding more and more barrier pictures. I’m now thinking of renaming my computer “The Great Barrier Geek”. The shot below depicts crowd control barriers at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg, when stadiums across South Africa were gearing up for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

barrier 03 crowd control wc 2010

a high fence at the johannesburg archery club zoo lake.
Okay, fence me in, if you must

Just one more. In the picture below we see a crowd of tourists waiting for the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Royal Palace of Monaco. This picture is a demonstration of the power of suggestion. As you can see, we were kept in check by nothing more than a simple chain link fence that could be easily stepped over or knocked down. But the chain, merely because it was placed there by someone in authority (or so we think), assumes the strength to hold back dozens of bodies. Of course, it helps if the crowd doesn’t become too unruly.

tourist in monaco changing of the guard
Tourists waiting to see the changing of the guard outside the Monaco Royal Palace

©2014. All images copyright Grahame Hall and may not be used without
permission . Please respect the rights of others.


8 thoughts on “BOUNDARIES CHALLENGE? I’m game.”

  1. I like how you took the topic “Boundaries” and wove in the narrative of your local area. Excellent shots too.

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