cape point ocean crashing against rocks

Well it’s another Weekly Challenge posted by WordPress’s Daily Post blog.

This time the theme is “Your Happy Place”, as in “Where do you go to get your groove back?”

There plenty of places in South Africa that are truly awe-inspiring, but for me, the one place that is more majestic than most is Cape Point. I’m going to shut up, now, and let the pictures transport me back to those windswept heights I don’t get to nearly often enough.

cape point
Many people mistakenly believe  the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet here at Cape Point, but that actually happens about 225 miles further east at Cape Agulhas.
cape point ocean crashing against rocks
Even looking straight down the view is spectacular. The pale rocks are probably bleached by guano.
hair blowing in cape point wind
It can get pretty windy at the Point…all the better for blowing away the cobwebs rom the brain. When the wind blows on Cape Point, which it does often, forget about your last trip to the hairdresser. No amount of hair spray can help you in this.
cape point signpost
Just decide where you want to go and let your imagination be your guide. As the Moody Blues sang in ’69; “Thinking is the best way to travel.”
the car park at cape point on a busy day
Who cares if the tourists roll in. When I go to Cape Point I’m one myself. A word of caution, though; down there you could be accosted by short-tempered baboons looking for snacks. They don’t like being refused. Unfortunately they can’t read the signs that say it’s illegal to feed them.
lighthouse at cape point
The main lighthouse at Cape Point. It’s a vitally important beacon when you consider the other name for this area is “The Cape of Storms”.
small lighthose at cape point
This is the smaller lighthouse at Cape Point. It’s much closer to the actual point of the massif.
spectacular cape point view
Just a few hours in the Cape Point Nature Reserve are enough to clear the mind and rejuvenate the senses. Sure, there’s a lot of walking and climbing to do, but that’s part of the attraction. When you flop into bed after a visit to this wild and windy spot, you will sleep better than you have done in years.

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