The Scaffolding Supplier’s Yard

scaffold supplier in johannesburg

This is the kind of place I love to photograph. I find so much visual interest and stimulation at industrial sites like this I could happily stay here the whole day. Patterns, textures, colours, angles…what more could you ask for? I took these photographs from a balcony overlooking the yard of a company that manufactures and hires out scaffolding for the building industry. There’s something about this yard, too, that brings to my mind paintings by the Venetian painter, Canaletto. It’s not that the yard looks like a Canaletto painting, but there’s just something about it that makes me think of some of his works.

Scaffolding Accroutements

Scaffolding can be thirsty work

fsp scaff 008

fsp scaff 010

Scaffolding operationsNow I’m wondering if any of their product was used to erect  some, or all, of the grandstands at Kyalami racing circuit for big racing events  …

scaffolding for kyalamigrandstands… or on the Sandton, Johannesburg, construction site pictured below?

scaffolding at Sandton construction site© 2015. All images are copyright and may not be used without permission.
Please respect the rights of others.


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