Do We Really Need Another Lengthy Blog Post Every Time Someone Tries to Stiff a Photographer Over Price?

It seems that whenever someone asks a photographer to do something for free, the photographer must write a lengthy – and usually tedious – blog post explaining how tough they have it. Listen, pal, no-one forced you into this business.

hiring a photographer meme
Okay, we get the picture…

Hey photographers, what do you want first…the good news, or the bad news?

Don’t worry, I can see you’re a pretty tough cookie, so I’m going to let rip with the bad news first:

There are people who won’t want to pay your totally reasonable asking price.

I’m sorry, there’s just no way to break this shocker gently. But it gets worse (if that’s even possible)…Of the people who don’t want to pay your asking price, a few will give you some appallingly inane reasons, demonstrating their utter lack of understanding of “how a photography business operates.”

When this happens to you – and it will – there are five options open to you:

  • Option #1. Give in meekly and accept the price reduction while apologising for being insane to expect such a high price in the first place. (I call this the “Wimp Option”)
  • Option #2. Politely, but firmly, refuse to accept the reduced offer (remember, you don’t want this idiot bad-mouthing you all over town)
  • Option #3. Impolitely tell this person to “[expletive deleted] off!” (Who cares if he bad-mouths you all over town, the only people he knows are cheapskates just like himself! (Probably the most satisfying option)
  • Option #4. Write a lengthy, whiny, boring,  blog post about the philistines who have no idea how a photography business actually operates. Don’t forget to go on ad nauseam with the tedious details of how much your equipment cost, how much you pay for web hosting, how many hours you spend editing, how much your assistant costs you, how many years you spent learning your craft, how much transport to and from the location/venue costs, how expensive hardware and software is getting these days, and anything else you can think of that adds a dime or two to your final price. Heck, how much did you say you paid for that kitchen sink?
  • Option #5. Accept the job OR refuse the job, and quietly move on without alerting the world to the scumbags out there trying to fleece you, who don’t have the foggiest of how to run a photo business, or how your fees are structured, or whatever. Realise  that We. Just. Don’t. Care.
free photography
Yes, we get the picture!

Actually, on second thoughts, don’t go for Option #4. Never. Ever. Please. Spare us the diatribe. You got into this business because you wanted to. I’m sure no-one put a gun to your head and said: “You better start a photography business and accept crappy prices.”

So, what’s the Good News? Only this:

Some (most?) people are only too happy to pay your asking price. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t really have a photography business, would you?

Alright, already! We get the f*****g picture!!! (If you’ll pardon the pun.)

Those who aren’t willing to pay only deserve, at the very most, a semi-humorous little meme posted to your Facebook page or Twitter feed.

As for the people who do buy your pictures without complaint, treat them like gold. Perhaps these are the people you should be blogging about.

And you should be, too!

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