So what’s the Photo Sofa About, Then?

IMG_5774 small 2Do you remember, in the “olden days” of film photography, how everyone would gather around the sofa to view the latest holiday and party snaps?

Hilarity would ensue and gales of laughter would erupt. And we all had that one aunt, or brother, or cousin whose very laugh was sure to cause the rest of us to collapse in fits of laughter ourselves. Well, that was the original inspiration behind The Photo Sofa.

But things have changed a little.

More recently, when not posting my own work, I’ve felt the need to weigh in on topics being discussed by the broader Internet photographic community. I’m not sure why I feel this way. Perhaps it’s just because I can’t resist a good argument. Or maybe I’m just too opinionated for my own good. Whatever the reason it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes I just see something posted online and think “Hang on a sec…that can’t go unchallenged.” With the change in direction I have thought about changing the title of the blog, but what the heck, I’ll just leave it as it as for now.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and rants about photography. Or are incensed, amused or enraged by them. And it would be really cool if you joined in the conversation, too. After all, your opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s.

Off course, I will still publish my own pics, for what they’re worth, just as I do on Flickr and one or two other places. I hope you’ll take a seat, relax and enjoy them. They are not “spectacular” in the the sense of “photos that changed the world”, but there are a few I quite like.

I’ve been taking photographs since 1976, when I bought my first SLR, an Olympus OM1n, and a couple of lenses. Generally, my subject matter is anything I can point a camera at that catches my eye. Residing in Johannesburg, South Africa, I make my living in the world of copywriting and SEO, but I have also done stints as an actor and a radio newsreader.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.


21 thoughts on “So what’s the Photo Sofa About, Then?”

  1. I can relate to many of your comments about the ‘olden days’, and also the comment about growing up! As for changing the name of your blog – I change mine about once a year, to correspond with where I am in life!

    I am fascinated, and a bit spooked, about your description of crime in your part of South Africa. It reminds me of how much I take for granted here in Canada. Other than avoiding some areas of the city of Calgary, Alberta at night, there isn’t a place in our Province that I wouldn’t go to alone just to take photos!

    1. You are fortunate, indeed, Margie top be living in such a peaceful country. I know several people who have emigrated to Canada over the years (often after falling victim to violent crime) and they all seem to be loving it. It would be great to move around my city freely and take photos at whatever time of day one wanted to and not feel that one’s life was in danger. On the other hand, it’s part of what makes Jo’burg such an exciting city to be in. 🙂

  2. Hi Grahame!

    I’d like to buy one of your photographs quite urgently. Do you have a phone number i can contact you on?


  3. You have some very nice photos of Langermanskop-visited the area on Saturday afternoon and I am very lucky to be still alive! Was mugged, tied-up with a gun pointed at the back off my head and sustained some bad injuries while running down the koppie for help (spent some time at casualty at Milpark) – all my fault- I was irresponsible to go alone in Joburg of all places – I was trying to visit the highest ridge in Joburg (Observatory Ridge)- at least I saw it (and the Indian memorial) just before being accosted by three impis!

    I am an avid collector of Africana and love history and sight- seeing, but this incident made me feel to sell all my Africana and join my sister in Australia!

    I guess we all need to live like prisoners in this country or be aware that every day can you your last day!

    1. I’m sorry to hear of the problems you experienced on Langermanskop, Pieter, and I wish you a speedy recovery from your injuries. Stories like yours always make me angry. I was also stupid in going there alone, but fortunately didn’t experience any problems or incidents at all. My recommendation to anyone who wants to go photographing anywhere in Jo’burg is to do a bit of research on the area you intend going to (find out if anyone has experienced problems there, if possible, take a drive around the area with no equipment visible, speak to forum members or online groups who may have local knowledge. etc.). Also, if you want to photograph a particular area, why not check with Joburg Photowalkers and suggest places you’d like to explore.

  4. Hello Grahame! Do you know who organised the photowalk through the Old Park Station Concourse that I can contact with regards to organising access? Many thanks 🙂 Bronwyn

    1. Hi Bronwyn, Joburg Photowalkers organised the walk. You can find them on Facebook, a Flickr group, and a blog. At any of these sites you should encounter Mark Straw and he will more than likely be able to put you in touch with the right people. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Saun. I’m tickled pink that you are using my blog as an example of how to make a WP blog look good on an iPad. I wasn’t even aware of this WP feature until I read your article! WordPress rocks!

  5. Hi Grahame

    I’d like to buy one of your photographs quite urgently. Do you have a phone number i can contact you on?


      1. Hi Mike

        Sent the number/s to the mattblack address, and now also to loslekkers.
        Look forward to hearing from you.


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